Temporary structures

Temporary structures

Approval requirements

a temporary structure includes tents, marquees, stalls, hoardings, scaffolding and ground anchoring/shoring systems and any other structure that is not permanent.

Exempt and complying development

2018历史双色球开奖结果some temporary structures such as small tents, marquees, booths, fete stalls and stages/platforms proposed to be placed on private land can, when meeting certain criteria, be installed and used without the need to obtain an approval from the city.  these types of temporary structures are called ‘exempt development’.  

2018历史双色球开奖结果larger temporary structures on private land require approval (a complying development certificate) from either the city or a private accredited certifier.  further details can be found under  the which is available from the .

Development consent required

Where temporary structures are not exempt or cannot be approved through a complying development certificate, development consent will be required through lodging a development application.

where temporary structures are proposed to be installed on city owned/controlled land (parks, squares, reserves and so on) approval must be obtained.

Hoardings and scaffolding

For hoardings and scaffolding associated with a development or worksite, approval is required.

approval is also required for shoring and ground anchoring where it supports the city’s roads and footpaths.

Last updated: Tuesday, 3 January 2017