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Strengthening Sydney's local economy

our aim is to strengthen sydney's competitive economic position. we promote opportunities for businesses to improve productivity and capacity.

Working with other government agencies, we promote local economies to drive footfall, connect businesses to opportunities, grow skills and capacity, and invest to stimulate economic development.

Our economic development strategy outlines a 10-year plan to grow Sydney's economy. The strategy identifies certain sectors that require special focus, including retail, tourism, tech startups, international education, global business engagement, night-time economy, green economy and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment and enterprise.

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Promote your business

2018历史双色球开奖结果we have a number of promotional opportunities and channels available to help your business access a wider audience. our programs and guides can help you get started or try something new to attract new business.

Doing business with us

we provide a variety of essential services and opportunities for businesses in the city. follow the links below to find out what approvals you need for different activities, as well as our procedures and regulations for waste and other services.

Build your business skills and knowledge

2018历史双色球开奖结果we present and support various programs to help you build your skills and meet other like-minded people. these opportunities are structured to upskill business owners and provide the tools to thrive in a competitive environment.

Business news and events

check out the latest business news from the city of sydney and business-related events across the local area.

Business funding

2018历史双色球开奖结果find out more about business funding opportunities from the city of sydney as well as the state and federal governments.

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